Hi!! Welcome to my BRAND NEW PSP tutorials.
Most will have both PSP7 and PSP8 instructions
I hope you find something you like *S*

These tutorials were created by Jemima
Copyright 2003/2005 ~ Jemima ~ All rights reserved


If you need PSP8 a copy can be obtained HERE


If you wish to use any of these tutorials for your group
by clicking on the link at the foot of this page and at the
foot of each tutorial page, to receive permission.


You will find many "Frames" tutorials on my list
and when you come to do them you will see that in most of them
I also include effects for the image being used and in the tuts
where I create something, I almost always include framing
instructions to finish off the work *S*

Each tutorial listed has a link to the result
so that you can see immediately what to expect
without having to go to the tutorial page first.

Lastly... Plugin Links tend to disappear over time.
So I have created a page which I will endeavour to keep updated
with the current links for the Plugins used in my tutorials.
I don't have the time to alter each link in the tuts when the links change.
You will find a link at the bottom of each page listing the tutorials
and you will also find it


PAGE 1 8 Frames / Creating Shapes /
Creating Perfume Bottles/ Jewel Box
PAGE 2 5 Frames / Creating Slats / 2 Tags /
Curtain Folds / Window Blinds
PAGE 3 Holiday Tuts..
5 Valentine / 4 St Pats / 3 Easter /
2 Mother's Day
PAGE 4 8 Frames / Making Feathers /
Feather Fan / Gold Filigree
PAGE 5 9 Frames / Simple Blinkie /
Creating Plates / July 4 (selections)
PAGE 6 12 Frames
PAGE 7 13 Frames
PAGE 8 12 Frames ~ Including 2 July 4 Frames
PAGE 9 12 Frames
PAGE 10 7 Frames ~ Including a Christmas Frame
PAGE 11 12 Holiday tutorials
PAGE 12 13 New Frames (2005)
PAGE 13 10 New Frames (2005) and 2 tuts on
PAGE 14  
PAGE 15  

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