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Welcome to my PSP Centre.

I have been working with PSP for a few years, in fact, since their version 6 came out and am totally addicted.

I have created this site for all the other PSP Addicts and I know there are zillions of you out there in cyberspace *S* I want to share what I have learned over the years and am still learning... so this site will hopefully be updated on a regular basis.

You will find links to classes from Artistry In PSP which are held continuously throughout the year for Beginners (Novice), Intermediate (Artists) and also include Advanced classes for PSP8 to PSPX4... More information can be had by clicking on either of the 2 links on the left hand side Menu.

There are also links to my personal sites where you'll find out a little more about me.

Other features included on this site are listed below



These are tutorials which I created, (over 1094 at last count) originally for our Artistry in PSP Masters group which is where the graduates from the classes are invited should they wish to further their PSP knowledge.

Many of these are original 'Frames" since this is what I provide each week for the Masters.

Change AT to @ and DOT to '.'


These are tubes created by me to share with you and will be added to as time permits. If you want to learn how to tube... why not join our Artistry Classes . "Tubing" is included in our lessons *S*


These are links to all sorts of PSP related items to help you with your creations