Welcome to Artistry in PSP!

We are a group of graphic artists who enjoy sharing our expertise and creativity with those wishing to learn more about Corel's Paint Shop Pro.  We offer Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels of lessons. 
Our knowledge and time is given to those who wish to learn.

We have the best class Moderators, who give their time freely
to help you with any problems you may incur during the class/es
and who also check your results and endorse your work with a certificate
once you complete each class .

Upon completing the 3 levels of lessons, students are invited to join our "grads" group,
the Artistry in PSP Masters. in this group we offer daily activites and various other assignments to continue the fine-tuning of your skills and you will create friendships
with a wonderful group of caring people from all over the world.

Classes are offered continuously throughout the year,

There is a small fee for each CLASS
for example:-
PSP Novice - $5
PSP Artists - $5
PSP Advanced - $5

Your subscription (fee) lasts 6 months.
So you can work on the lessons at your own pace.
If you have 'real life' problems during your class there is now no need
to stress out with a time limit for your results, since you have
6 months to complete the classes from the day you subscribe.

If you would like to register for classes, use this Registration link

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