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What is covered in these lessons???

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  • What is covered in these lessons???

    In the NOVICE (Beginners) lessons (42 including Extra Bonus Lessons) we cover ....

    Set 1:
    We cover the use of PSP Tools such as 'Selection', 'Flood Fill' and 'Airbrush'
    as well as some PSP Effects, including 'Noise' and 'Blur'.
    We will also introduce you to LAYERS and teach you how to clean up Black and White images..
    The Bonus lessons cover Colourizing and Simple Tubing.

    Set 2: We cover Layers along with 'Copy & Paste', 'Geometric, Illumination and Texture' effects..

    The Bonus tutorials cover Side Borders and Simple Borders

    Set 3: You will learn how to Make and Save and use SELECTIONS.
    We also cover Layer Blends which create an array of special effects as well as
    instructions for Embossing..

    The Bonus lessons show you how to Manipulate Photos and the use of Shapes

    Set 4: We cover the use of Patterns and Gradients as Flood Fill effects this week .
    You will also discover how to 'spice up' those boring backgrounds on your photos
    or graphics as well as learning an alternate way to use your Color Replacement tool. Image Arithmetic is a wonderful way of combining two graphics..

    The Bonus lessons add to your Image Arithmetic lesson and we create Sparkling Text.

    Set 5: You will learn how to make tubes from graphics with 'plain' backgrounds.
    You'll also be using Preset Shapes, Illumination, Tubes, and Layer Blends,
    as well as Animation .
    The Bonus lessons are Fun with Brushes and making simple Name Tags.

    EXTRA Bonus Tutorials: There are 7, some of which cover Cloning, Seamless Tiles, Custom Brushes, Texturizing and Masks.

    In the ARTISTS (Intermediate) lessons (36 lessons plus 36 Extra Bonus Lessons) we cover ....

    Set 1: Layers feature heavily in these tutorials along with a large variety of PSP Tools and Effects, as well as learning how to clean black & white images.

    Set 2: We concentrate on Text tools and Masks as well as a lesson on Sinedots.
    In the third set we introduce plugins as well as the use of Brushes, Preset Shapes and Vectors.

    Set 3: A busy week for Plugins! BUT you've already installed some from the first week. We'll also be using Brushes, Preset Shapes and Vectors this week.

    Set 4: We cover Vectors, Node editing, the Draw Tool, Preset Shapes,Tubes, Fonts, Layer Blends and Geometric effects.

    Set 5: We use one plugin plus cover Gradients, Selections, Preset Shapes and Vectors.

    Our Extra 21 Bonus lessons (which are not compulsory) cover a variety of PSP techniques... some of which will have been covered in the lessons... some are new, like Preset Shapes, Retouch Painting and Cutouts to name a few. Seasonal tutorials have been included since it's always close to a holiday season.

    In the ADVANCED lessons (39 lessons) we cover ....

    Set 1:
    delve into some of the EFFECTS in PSP to help you achieve a better understanding of their capabilities . We cover some ARTISTIC EFFECTS as well as.... DISTORTION AND GEOMETRIC EFFECTS which will of course include the dreaded VECTORS

    Set 2: W
    e deal with some of the "SELECTION >>> MODIFY" effects in PSP and also teach you how to create selections as used in the infamous "Selections" tutorials as well as how to create your own Gradients and Patterns from those Gradients.

    Set 3:
    We start the lessons with the WARP BRUSH because it's a fun brush to play with and then...
    we create out own Brush Tips and finally get GRUNGY as well as delving into ART MEDIA BRUSHES and ART MEDIA TOOLS. Then we investigate CHANNEL SPLITTING, CHANNEL COMBINING and it's uses.

    Set 4: W
    e will be learning various methods of simple ANIMATION in PSP, IMAGE MAPPING (for your web interfaces ) IMAGE SLICING and SIMPLE SCRIPTING and we sneaked in a WORD ART lesson *S*
    No Bonus lessons here because the bonus (if you have at least done the Artists and the Advanced lessons) is being invited to Artistry Masters where you will continue to improve your PSP knowledge each week for free. *S*