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  • Artistry Masters Information

    ARTISTRY MASTERS is an "Invitation Only" group.

    Once you have completed at least the Artists (Intermediate) lessons AND the Advanced lessons you will be invited to join.

    This is not like the classes BUT we do provide you with Daily Activities which include Tags, Challenges, Frames, Stationery and occassionally Scrapbooking.

    Any new lessons for future classes are provided free to the Masters.

    At times we also have Tutorial Writing and Web Page Creation lessons, which are also free.

    I'm slightly biased .... but this is a terrific group of caring individuals who help each other out with more than PSP. You'll find if you have problems of any kind, whether it be with PSP, OE, Incredimail, plugins, anything to do with your computer, someone is sure to be able to help or at least steer you in the right direction. They also provide a 'shoulder' when needed.

    I hope you consider joining us once you have completed your lessons.

    Jamie (Jemima)