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This tutorial was written by Jemima ~ October 2003..
Copyright 2003 ~ Jemima ~ All rights reserved


Right Click and save the image "Poppies" below
to your computer and open up in PSP

Right Click on the title bar of the POPPIES image and
select COPY from the Drop Down Options

Go to your duplicated copy of the Hearts Slats
With your MAGIC WAND
select one of the Black sections
Go to SELECTIONS >>> Modify >>> Select similar

Right click on the title bar of the Hearts Slats image and
select PASTE INTO SELECTION from the drop down options.

Go to EFFECTS >>> 3D Effects >>> Inner Bevel

Use these settings

Click OK

Go to EFFECTS >>> Plugins >>> Eyecandy 4000 >>> Glass
Click on the SETTINGS TAB and select GLASS TUBING
then click on the BASIC TAB
and follow the settings shown below

Click OK

Go to EFFECTS >>> Plugins >>> Eyecandy 3 >>> Drop Shadow
Use these settings

Click OK


Go to LAYERS >>> New Raster Layer
Go to LAYERS >>> Arrange >>> Send to bottom

Flood fill Layer 2 with the background of your choice

Add Borders to frame it if you wish>>>
it's up to you *S*

Go to the next page for settings for
creating different shaped slats.


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