This tutorial was written by Daela ~ February 2011


Animation Shop's Optimization Settings

You have completed your First Animation  Before you save,
 you MUST Optimize it with the correct settings.

If you are just importing a transparent image
Click on 'File /Save as'
instead of choosing the Optimization Wizard
then follow from the Customize instructions

STEP 1. From your "File" menu
Choose "Optimization Wizard"
and up pops the "Optimized Output"  screen.

 Check to make sure that the top box is checked for .GIF
AND the bottom one is checked
to make a NEW animation not replace yours (just in case).
Then click on Next.


In the next Box, ALWAYS check "Customize"
as these settings change with each optimization,
according to how many colours you have used.


In the next area, you will see either 2 OR 3 tabs.
 If you are NOT working on a transparent animation,
the 3rd tab will not be there
 (it's called - Partial Transparency!)


In the First tab, "Colours",
most of the time you are going to want to use the setting, 255 colours ,
 Optimized Median Cut,
and Error Diffussion.

After checking these settings,
don't click OK YET -
 click on the Optimizations Tab  next


In this Second tab, "Optimizations",
Check the boxes 2, 3, and 4. ( 1 is optional)

 If you have no third Tab, move down to Step7


STEP 6. In the Third tab, "Partial Transparency",
make sure you change "Convert Pixels less than  box  to  40.
 This is a good setting for most work.
Also "No, use the existing image color at 100% opacity"
allows less outline for most graphics,

if you use Blend the colours with "White" is a good match for some animations,
or use the color that you want and see how it looks.
 If you know your graphic will be used on a Black, or very dark background,
change this to Black.


Click on OK.
Now you will see the Quality versus Output,
with your custom options set in.
choose "Better Image Quality" to the top.

 Click on Next.


Your optimization will process... Click on Next.


Now you'll get a small "Preview" of the original versus the optimised


STEP 10.
  Click on Next .


STEP 11.
  Here you get to see the "Optimization Results".
 This was a previous animation file opened,changed, then Optimized,
you can see the File Size changes, and different load times here.


STEP 12.
Click on Finish


STEP 13.
Now you'll see a "NEW" optimized file appear
(not overwriting your old one)


STEP 14.
Before you Save your animation,
check it by clicking on View animation tab
which is next to the arrow and question mark


STEP 15.
if you are happy with your animation
Now, from the "File" menu, " Save As", give it a name,
and remember to make sure it saves as a .GIF file
Then direct it to your animation folder
Remember to always run through the optimization settings
for a better looking animation.

Some Graphics show a lot of noise especially on a body
and optimizing can look messy.
 if you find this a problem go back to optimize once again
and instead of Optimized Median Cut
try running your optimization with Optimized Octree
then check to see which you prefer.


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