Submitted by Jemima - May 2009

If you would like to further improve your creative skills,
then perhaps you may make a choice from the many options
available to you through Winni's groups listed below.

Letter Creation (Incredimail), Scripting (Outlook Express),
Animation, Scrapbooking, PowerPoint and
Tutorial Writing.

There are also snagging groups for PSP Tubes/Images, Fonts/Alphas,
Free Scrap Kits & Items,Challenges,

Winni will be advising me when she creates any new groups
and I will add them to this list.

I suggest you BOOKMARK this page.

Snag group

This group will not be active till Spring 2009 because of my study.

In this group you will receive only sends from me and all the psp goodies are created by myself.

So what will you receive here:
Backgrounds, Masks, Gradients, Glitters, Accents, Styled lines, SBP presets, Preset shapes, Scapbook kits, Brushes, Textures, Corners and a lot more !!!

This is only a snag group so all you have to do is snag LOL.
You are allowed to share my creations with other groups but please leave the whole send intact and share it the way you got it from me.
You are not allowed to up-load my creations to a website for others to download from !!!!

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much I have enjoy it to create them.
Have fun !!!

This group is to inform you when I start a new group.
I am the only one you get email from.
Members can't send to the group.
This group is especially for you (Kids & Adults) to learn PSP in an easy and fun way.
The lessons are for the PSP versions: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
The lessons are translated into English, Dutch, Danish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Spanish and Portuguese
Here you will receive lessons for PSP 9.
Lessons are in English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Portuguese.
The lessons include: Frames, tags, backgrounds, side-top-borders and a few others.
You can set your self to special notice so you will not recieve all the groups mail!!!
This is not a group for beginners !!!!
Lessons are written for PSP 9

In this Designer Lesson group you will learn how to create your own PSP Stuff ,like.........gradients, glitters, masks, feathers, styled lines etc etc.
Also some lessons to make your own scripts to use in psp.
Lessons are offered in these languages: English, Dutch (NED) Danish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and Portuguese
We hope you will enjoy the lessons.
Letter Creator-Lessons
This group will start August 10 2009!!!

Hello,welcome to Winni-Letter-Creator-Group.
These lessons are for beginners, and will teach you everything you need to know about the Letter Creator and Incredimail.

You will need to have Incredimail installed to learn about Letter Creator, it is not a stand alone programme.
We are glad to have you join us, and hope you enjoy the lessons.
Most of all, have fun while you learn.

Hugs Winnifred and Kelly
Animation- Lessons
This group starts on August 10 !!!!

Very welcome at the NEW Winni Animation lesson group.
In this group you will get totally different lessons as you got in the previous animation group.
We hope you will enjoy your stay here.

Big hugs Winnifred and Mod Team
This group start in August !!!

Very welcome in this group.
Here you will learn everything about scrapbooking and how to create your own layouts in psp.
Lessons will be available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish and Swedish.
We hope you will enjoy the lessons.
Big hugs Winnifred and Mod Team
No details as yet...
Here you can learn how to write scripts for Outlook express yourself.
You only can join this group when you know how to use scripts in Outlook Express.
This is a group to teach you how to use PowerPoint software to make slide shows of things like your PSP results,
Scrap kits, Scrapbooking layouts , Family Pictures etc.
You can even add audio to your projects to make very professional looking presentations.
We will show you the basics so that you can use them to get creative and make some outstanding presentations of your own.

Lessons are written into the next languages: English, Dutch, French, Danish, Italian and Spanish.
Tutorial writing
'If you've ever wanted to learn how to write a good tutorial, this is the group for you. Learn how to write a good tutorial in a relaxed, friendly and fun atmosphere. Winni's Challenge2Write Group is for those who've never written a tutorial and those who want to develop as tutorial writers.'

Big hugs Winnifred and Donna W
Holiday tutorials
Here you will receive Holiday tuts for a lot of countries.
Lessons will be in all languages like we have them at the other lesson groups.
You don't need to do can do the ones you like to do.
If there is a lesson you would like to do but your country doesn't have such a holiday you can always use your own tubes or pictures so you can make it the way you like it.
Hope you will enjoy this group !!
Big hugs,
In this group you will recieve on
Monday: Link Lessons and Thursday: Challenges.
Everything will be send special Notice, so you can set yourself to Special notice if you don't want to recieve all groups mail.
Link lessons and Challenges will be in English.
PSP Share group
In this group we share PSP stuff, Pictures and Tubes.

Alpha's and Fonts are not allowed to be shared...
we have a special group for those sends.

Scrapbooking kits and scrap related items are not to be shared here as well. There is a group also for these sends.

AC is not allowed to share at all !!!
We hope you will enjoy this group.
Share-Fonts and Alpha's
In this group we share only Fonts and Alpha's !!!
No other sends are allowed.
No Chat mails.
Replies will go to sender.
We hope you will help us sharing and we wish you a lot of fun in this group.
Share-PSP Scrap Items & Kits
In this group we only share free PSP Scrap items or free kits.
When you share links to rapidshare of blog links please add a preview.
This is not a chat group and it is not allowed to show your layouts !!!!
Replies will go to sender.
War group
We will share a lot but NO..........tubes, pictures, extra's, blinkies, tags or stats.
wishing you a lot of fun.
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